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I am trying to configure a roaming network inside an office building with 2 airport extreme base-stations. In the past, we have used 1 basestation with great success. But we have a cinderblock wall that we are contending with now and the signal degrades too much on the other side. So, I bought an additional Airport Extreme and first tried to set up an extended network. That didn't work because the two could not see each other. So, I decided to run a cable and go with the roaming network.


I have now run a cable from the primary base-station to the slave and plugged that into the WAN port of the slave. I have pretty much followed the instructions on apple's site (although they refer to the older version of the airport admin software) and after two times, got it to work. However, the problem I am having is the network is not properly distributing DHCP addresses, and am getting several of these 169.254.xx.xx numbers that do not work. However, if I manually define a static IP for the device on the wifi, it works. So, the problem MUST lie in the DHCP situation.


Here is how my network is somewhat different:

1 - We have multiple DHCP servers on our network. The main intenet router ( is serving a small block ( for DHCP for any guests NOT using wireless. The main airport (static, is ALSO serving DCHP ( for wireless clients.


2 - I want to connect the 2nd base station and give it a static IP (do I really need to do this? When I tried in the beginning, the 2nd base did NOT get an IP assisgned from the first airport, maybe because it is wired?). The airport software keeps wanting to change it to DHCP instead for some reason. It appears to have kept the static config ( even though it now says DHCP. Strange.


I am simply trying to get this roaming network to work properly. If I disconnect the slave station, everything works fine.


Thanks so much for your help!


Rob H

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    You are on the right track suspecting DHCP conflicts.


    To configure your "roaming network" connect your "slave" Extreme to your main Internet router - either directly or through a switch - and place it in "bridge mode". That will work.


    A router will be distributing IP addresses using DHCP. Anything connected to it should be configured as a bridge, the essential difference being that a bridge does not distribute IP addresses.


    I do not believe your "slave" Extreme will function connected as it is to the "main" Extreme, but may work if you assign it a static IP address. It is not unusual for it to retain this static IP after having been changed to DHCP if its lease is still valid.


    The OK article you referenced must be terribly outdated if it is referring to AirPort Admin Utility. That has not been used in about a decade. Read this one:


    Wi-Fi base stations: Extending the range of your wireless network by adding additional Wi-Fi base stations


    Unfortunately its screenshots refer to AirPort Utility 5.6, which has been replaced with the prettier, though less useful 6.2.

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    Hi John,


    I have connected the second (slave) base-station to the network directly and left it with a static IP, set up in bridge mode. I will report back after some testing. Thanks for your help.



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    You don't have to configure it with a static IP address since the router will supply it with one, but "bridge mode" is a must. If you want to experiment, change it to DHCP but leave connection sharing set to bridge mode.

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    Still having problems. The airport utility shows two happy bases (green lights and clients connected to both), but I am still not getting internet access when I am on the side of the building where the one set up in bridge mode resides. I am definitely connected to it as I see a jump in signal, but when I try loading something on my phone, I get nada.


    Any ideas?

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    As a followup, I just checked the airport utility again, and now rather than a solid line between the "internet" globe and the base-station (slave), I have a dotted line. I tried to attach an image, but it did not like the screen shot format for some reason. This thing is flaky...any reason to suspect it because it was a refurb unit from Apple?

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    Did you configure the Extreme to "extend" a wireless network? Don't do that. Configure it to "create" a wireless network. If you provide the exact same wireless network name and security settings as your "main" Extreme, you will have what appears to be one contiguous wireless network to be used among them.


    It is best to start with a "hard reset" each time you want to reconfigure a setting, otherwise it can become difficult to make changes to a unit that has already been configured.

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    Ok, I think I'm almost there. So set up the new one with the same wireless name and password WITHOUT extending. This one will NOT serve DHCP, so the goal is for that info to come from the other base-station. Last question (ha), do I connect the ethernet cable from my network to a regular ethernet port (as the apple site directs) or do I also connect this one to the WAN port? My main base-station is connected via the WAN.





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    So set up the new one with the same wireless name and password WITHOUT extending. This one will NOT serve DHCP, so the goal is for that info to come from the other base-station.



    Yes, all this is correct.


    Connect the Ethernet cable to the "slave's" WAN WAN port.png port.

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    Ok, I did everything as listed. Set up "slave" base-station as a NEW wireless network with same name and same password as the main base. Hooked up slave via WAN to the network. Set up slave base in bridge mode. I am able to connect the the slave base, but I am getting a 169.254.x.x IP address at times. Strange. It appears some clients are connecting successfully, however. I am also seeing some 169.254.x.x IPs on the main base station.

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    Interloper here.


    Thanks for this info, John - I'd been going mad trying to configure a roaming network. The key was, as you say, not telling the second Extreme to 'Extend a network'.


    The Apple KB article on this is very unhelpful. They use the Time Machine app, so the config screens have different choices. They really need two more articles, one for Airport Utility 5.6, and one for the IOS version..


    I now have a working setup, using PowerLine adapters to connect the two Extremes.

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    I have been able to successfully setup the configuration, however, neither my MacBook nor my iPhone will connect to the 'remote' AirPort Extreme. Although my GoogleTV (wireless), desktop (wired) and VOIP (wired) connect just fine. Any ideas why my Apple products will not roam?