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whats up with that guys.. ALL . THE.. FREAKING.. TIME


im using 5.0.5 with os x 10.6.8


its either plugin failure.. i'm watching anything, keep it 'sit' for a bit, for few minutes if i interrupt the video. maybe using a different tab and when i come back, bam, flash plugin failure, it crashes i have to relaoad the page, reload the video, find where i stopped... all the time, its annoying

safari, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Your version of Safari is out of date. When you have updated that:


    Two bugs, one affecting Apple's Mac platform and another attacking Microsoft's Windows, exploit certain Flash player vulnerabilities to install malware onto users' systems, reports ArsTechnica. While users of other operating systems like Linux have yet to report attacks, Adobe's advisory notes the exploit affects all platforms.


    Designated as CVE-2013-0634, the first vulnerability targets the Safari and Firefox Web browsers running on OS X, and is also being used as a trojan to deploy Microsoft Word documents containing malware. For Mac users, the flaw affects Adobe Flash Player version 11.5.502.146 or earlier.


    On March 1 Apple again blocked Flash Player for Lion and Mountain Lion:



    The Adobe Flash patch can be found on Adobe’s website, and users can visit this page to check if their software is the most curent version.


    You should uninstall any previous version first, and repair permissions after installing the new version.