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I thought this would be a no brainer, but is there no device that takes the place of a docked i(pod/pad/phone) and allows you to do it wirelessly? Instead of having the phone be stuck on a dock you dock some kinda bluetooth/wireless device then use your phone like it was docked? I can't seem to find something like that anywhere but it seems like it should exist. The same way apple TV can play music and video, is there nothing to enable this functionality on other devices?

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1
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    Your car needs to be equipped with Bluetooth.  The iPhone connects easily to both my Honda and Audi both of which have Bluetooth.

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    I have a new C-class mercedes and it works fine for connecting phone calls and contacts via bluetooth, but not music. Is there anything that I can just plug into the dock that can communicate with my phone over the 2-4 feet?

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    Ok, I am not sure what is available for the Mercedes.  The Audi has a cable that allows connection of an iDevice (iPod, iPad, iPhone) to the Multi-Media Interface, Audi's name for the sound, video, DVD playback, etc. system.  With that the iDevice sound and videos are avialable like on anyother playback system.


    All I can suggest is check the MB owner's manual and see if there is something simple like just a connection cable that can be used.  With Audi doing that it is hard to imagine Mercedes and BMW not doing it also...German competition being what it is

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    There is a cable in the car that does that. What I was looking for was a way to do the docking wirelessly.


    It works fine with the phone docked in the glove box, but it's not convenient as you cannot change or edit playlists or switch from albums to songs, etc. without undocking making the change and reconnecting. I was hoping there was a device that could simulate the docking, and send the signal to the phone. A device like that would work on any dock cable, not just in a car.


    Thanks for the help anyway though. I appreciate the response.

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    That is a difference with the car manufacturers...my Audi, could be because I have the full MMI system, puts the iPod/iPhone in iPod mode, on the display so you need not touch the device to make selections, etc.

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    I appreciate the comments, but clearly we are talking in circles. I'm looking for a way to do this wirelessly, so I still have the function of my phone. My car already does this stuff on the steering wheel, but it doesn't have the full functionality of the music app in my car just like it doesn't in your car.


    Think beyond the car entirely if that helps. If you had a radio at home with an ipod doc is there any device that would allow you to use your iPhone to pick and choose music (or switch to pandora even) and play the music through a wirelessly connected docked device?


    That's gotta be the best I can explain it. Think of it like a wireless extension cord for your iphone cable... anything like that?

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    Here is an amazing product that started as a kickstarter product.  I have one and it works great, and it supports bluetooth 4 so it uses less power.  It is also backward compatible if you don't have an iphone 4s or 5 (or any other device that supports bluetooth 4.




    They are pretty cool.  If the phone is in your pocket, you can just turn on the auris.  Once it's paired, it will automatically reconnect to the device it was last paired with.  You can change it easily by holding down the mode button on the front as well.


    Here is how it works:


    There are three buttons:


    The mode button on the front: You press and hold the mode button until the light comes on to power on the Auris.  Once it's turned on, it will automatically connect to your phone if it was the last device you had it connected to.  You can tap the mode button to alternate between play and pause.  If it's on, you can press and hold it to turn it off.  To put it in to pairing mode, when it's off, you press and hold the mode button.  The led will turn on and blue.  Keep holding it until it alternates between blue and red.  Then it's ready to be repaired.


    The "Up" button on the side: you can press and hold it to turn the volume up.  If it makes another tone, it means it's up all the way.  You can tap it and it will forward to the next song.


    The "Down" button on the side: you can press and hold it to turn the volume down.  You can tap it to rewind the song.



    There's a microphone.  This microphone doesn't do any noise canceling.  You can use it to issue Siri commands or you can use it as a microphone while you make a phone call.  With the lack of noise canceling, you might want to consider not using this in your car if the audio is going over your stereo system.  However, it's still great for Siri commands.  One more thing about the microphone: when you place a call or receive a call, if you want to use the handset instead of this microphone, make sure you change the audio source to the iphone instead of the Auris.


    There's a battery.  With the battery, it doesn't need to be plugged in to power all the time.  When it's peered with an iphone, there will be an additional bar graph at the top on the iphone display, next to your iphone's battery indicator.


    It has a 30pin dock connector.  It uses this to charge the battery  It will also send audio through that same 30pin dock connection if your stereo supports it.


    It also has a 1/8" stereo jack.  You can use this as a lineout or headphone jack.



    There are other bluetooth to line out devices but this one is the most feature rich and really a cool little product.  I highly recommend it to anyone that needs such a device.  The others that I've seen are not bluetooth 4.0 compatible (requiring less power) or don't have a micrphone or don't have the controls, or don't have a battery.


    Hopefully that helps!

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    If you just want to stream music from iPhone /iPad to the car

    in a basic way and you have an AUX-in socket

    Consider a Bluetooth Receiver ( must be A2DP compliant )

    plug into Aux circuit and pair with iPhone etc and stream music to

    the car system

    and as cheap as chips

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    Thank you GruphUT, this is the exact thing I was looking for.


    Unfortunately I just realized that if it's paired to my car for the phone I can't also have it paired to this device for music. Doubt it would switch back and forth conveniently.


    Hmm... have to investigate.


    Thanks though, that is still what I was looking for.

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    My truck stereo has bluetooth.  I've never tried using them both at the same time.


    I suspect that both could be paired at the same time.  You probably just select which device you want to use when playing audio.


    The bluetooth devices show up in the same area as if you had an airplay device on your network.. that little square with the arrow in it.  That's my guess though.  I'll let you know what I find out tonight.