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Just ordered an new rMBP.  It will arrive soon.  I bought the 8 Ram, 512 SSHD, 15".  Many questions...


1) is the SSHD all that it's cracked up to be?


2) I will need Windows, should I go 7 or 8?


3) Paralells good?


4) Is there a "cheat sheet" available to do the Win/Par install?


5) Do you install Windows based programs then through the open window of Windows?


6) Any good websites available for a guy like me switching over?  I know I made the right choice, I'm just overwhelmed at the work that lies ahead.


I'm sure this stuff is old hat for you guys, and it will be for me in a few months.  Be gentle.  I'm good with computers just never dated a MAC before.





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