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My friend bought a used iPad from his friend. He doesn't know how to set it up, so he'll be coming to my house tomorrow so I can help him.


I just thought of something, though.


He WON'T be able to use MY computer to set up his iPad, so he'll have to set everything up via the iPad itself.


He has an existing email account on his PC which will be at his house.


My question: Is it possible to set up his iPad (apple i.d., itunes account, etc) straight from his iPad (1st Gen, used)?


I'm figuring that he'll have to access his email account which he can do from my computer, to verify things.


Another thing I just thought of is, I'm sure the person restored everything but what if they forgot to deauthorize the iPad from their computer?


Sorry this is so long, I want to help my friend and then realized he can't set it up via my computer.


It's a 1st Gen wifi, 64GB.



iPad 2 Wi-Fi