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I have iWeb 3.0.4 and am using it properly for the first time to rebuild my website.  I am self taught so have a limited knowledge. I have turned off the 'include page in navigation menu' and 'display navigation menu' on every page of my website and created my own navigation bar using an image and then text boxes with hyperlinks.  All was going fine until I created a photo gallery page.  I created it in a separate page and then copied it into my own page design.  It's fine until you click on one of the photos which takes you to another page automatically generated by iWeb. On the actual gallery page I have removed my own created navigation bar and all the navigation options are deselected to see if I could work it out but still when you click on a photo the page that is automatically generated is showing the navigation menu created by iWeb and I don't want it!  As it's a page automatically generated I can't see it to edit the options.  Anyone got any ideas please?!


Here's some links:



(have removed my navigation links)



(the page where the navigation menu is showing up)



(the page that I copied the gallery from, don't get the same problem here)

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.3)