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Hello my fellow Apple-Heads


I have a version on OSX Server v10.4 that was purchased way back when.  I've moved about 5 times and during the move I lost the box that it came in along with the serial #.  Is there anyway that you guys know how I can retrieve a serial number for my installation.  This server install will only be used only on my internal home network for control over my home Apple network.  The server that I had this installed on HDD has failed and I've replaced the HDD and now just need to install it.  I have the disc because it was left in the server but I just don't have an idea of where the serial number is.  Can someone either give me a serial number to use for this vintage Server OS?  Or if that isn't feasible, I know with v10.5 if you have a working copy of v10.5 Desktop OS you can put in the disc and install a .mpkg files that is on the server installation disc that will install the server features.  Is that the case with v10.4?  Any and all help will be appreciated.

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    I don't know of a way to retrieve a lost serial number or get around it. You might try one of your local schools that run Mac servers but no longer run 10.4. You could ask them to transfer/donate one of their old 10.4 serial numbers to you. It wouldn't hurt your case if you still had the original receipt. There may be other ways, I just don't know of any.