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    Got my ipad mini March 2013. It’s my first iPad product and was greatly disappointed to experience the same issue, having weak wifi range and signal on my ipad mini.  I have a free issue smart phone ) from the company I work for, would no longer say the brand and model of the phone but I see it as much more inferior than the ipad mini at every angle except that my phone has better wifi range and signal than my ipad mini. Thanks for this thread will get my ipad mini checked. Hopefully Apple Store will do a positive action on my concern.

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    Apple? Are you reading this? Unhappy customers. Premium products? Apple products that cannot even get a proper WiFi connection. Getting tips&tricks about updating the firmware of your router. Yeah right. It is the iPad mini that is failing. Paying 300+ euros for a tablet which isn't even working properly after using it twice. I'm going to try the Apple Center. See if they can fix this. Otherwise I will smash this in the store. What a failure.

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    Hiow old are you? You should have got past throwing your toys out of the pram by the time you buy an iPad. Try solving your problem instead of childish ranting.

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    Funny you mention this. My wifi controlled toy tank with camera for 45 euros works perfectly.

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    I have bought my iPad for the summer holidays just this July

    I had to spend most of them using my cheap android phone for the wifi reception and tether the wifi back to the iPad mini through Bluetooth which seems to work fine ... Typically in a public square my old cheap android phone would see 10+ networks available and the iPad mini just 2-3 of them ... I think the support to 2.4 ghz networks is just very poor on the iPad mini ... If all have the same issue what is the point of returning the product? Is this software or hardware related ?

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    Just purchased the wifi iPad Mini 1 day ago and having the same issues.  After the iPad Mini goes to sleep it doesn not remember the network.  So, everytime I go to use it again, I have to re-enter the wifi password.  Same thing happens if I just go to turn the wifi off and then back on.  We have 2 iphones, an iPad 3, and 3 computers that connect with no problem.  So frustrating! 

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    I bought the ipad mini to travel with. I'm with other people who have no reception problems on laptops, phones, other tablets. I'm disgusted that I spent over $600 and can't get decent wi-fi reception. Why hasn't Apple fixed this? I intend to return it when I get back to the US, but I now have 5 weeks of travel ahead with a bad device. Is there a Facebook page for ipad wi-fi complaints? If not, someone PLEASE initiate one.

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    Yup. I am having the same trouble as everyone else. Every other device that I own picks up strong wifi everywhere in my apartment, but my iPad mini gets weak, intermittent reception regardless of my proximity to the router. Apple hasn't offered any sort of fix for this as far as I can tell. Their products and support have always been top-notch in the past; hopefully they don't disappoint us now. Please help us, Apple! Thank you!

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    Same issue here. I have an AirPort Extreme and 5ghz network. All of my other Apple devices work just fine. My iPad Mini constantly drops the wifi signal or has very poor reception. Gets better when I stand right next to the router.


    Thankfully I have an LTE model. Half the time I just turn the wifi off and use LTE. That or just browse on my iPhone which gets perfect wifi reception. 

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    Any news of a fix for this yet?


    I have had my mini for close to a year but still fighting wifi issues.

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    Thought i'd chime in with the same problem on my iPad Mini at home.


    At home I have a newer Lynksys EA6500 router, providing both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands.  We have 1 iPad, 2 iPad minis, 3 iPhones, 1 Mac, 2 MB Airs, 2 Apple TVs, 3 iPods, a laptop, and an Android device.


    From pretty much the start of using my Mini (purchased in August), I have noticed significantly less wifi performance.  especially as compared to my iPhone in the same locations in the house. Even the signal strength dosn't show to be as strong. I really hardley use my iPad elsewhere so havn't noticed it being a problem, other than at my local starbucks.


    I have not taken my iPad in to the genious bar yet, I will try the recomendations here first to see if they work first. Otherwise I will be hitting up apple for a new device.

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    Just adding my voice to the rest. iPad mini in otter box defender case. Sometimes I turn it on and it does not see my router even though two apple tvs, an iPad 3, and all phones and laptops do. I have tried many of the suggestions with no luck. It seems to be a weak antenna, as sometimes moving right next to the router seems to allow the iPad mini to pick it up. Once it is connected it is fine until it sleeps or is turned off.  Even when it does connect it shows half the signal strength all the other devices do. It also does not pick up my neighbours wifi when all my other devices do.

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    I don't know of a FaceBook page, but there is an Apple feedback page:  <iPad Feedback>.


    I think the reason Apple hasn't "fixed" the problem, is that you have not taken your defective iPad to them for repair.  While some have the problem, many do not.



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    Also have issues with iPad mini, works fine on home wifi but wifi range when connecting to wireless networks is not good. iPhone 5 &amp; full size iPad have no issues connecting to wireless networks but iPad mini struggles to find the same networks when trying to connect from the same place. Seems like the ability of the iPad mini to pick up wireless signals is not as good as other wireless devices.

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    Clearly this is an apple issue pretty muxh bottom line if it I have a lot of apple devices that all work great but the mini retina has issues !!!!!! Please apple get on it . This has been long enuff ....... And I'm tired of them telling us to change our routers lawl