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I'm trying to import .MPG files into FCE HD, but I just get an error message "unknown file".  The same happened when I tried to import to iMovie.  The footage is from a friend's camera so I don't know any more details.  The files are codec MPEG-2 Video, AC3 and 720 × 576 if that helps...


Would be grateful for any help!

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    The files are codec MPEG-2 Video, AC3 and 720 × 576


    You can't import this into FCE or iMovie, neither application supports MPEG2 video.


    It would be best if you can find out & tell us the specific make & model camcorder your friend used.  And even better what settings he used in the camcorder when he made the video(s).


    Beyond that, MPEG2 files generally need to be converted to QuickTime, probably using Apple DV PAL codec (based on your 720x576 frame size, which is a PAL frame size).   You can do this using MPEG Streamclip + the Apple QuickTime MPEG2 Playback component.   But be aware - it's important to know your geography because North America uses NTSC whereas Europe uses PAL so you can choose the correct codec when you convert the files & select the correct Easy Setup in FCE.

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    Okay, thanks, Martin.  That sounds like a good start.  I'll try and find out more!

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