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Im planing on buying a mac, but i've been a longtime windows user and want parallells so that I can run all my windows apps, games and other stuff only capable with windows. And with the new graphics card the new macs comming with, im planing on doing a little gamining. But I've heard that Invidia optimus won't run in windows(parallels), but only use the integrated graphics card(Intel Hd graphics 4000), while os x uses the invidia graphics card. So do i need to launch windows from the Bios, or can i have windows 7 running in parallels, still using the invidia graphics card, or swiching.


(latest macbook pro 15-inch)

MacBook Pro, iOS 6.1.2
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    you are in a forum for workstations, closer to PC tower, not notebooks etc. as your asking about Macbook Pro.


    Use Apple Bootcamp and setup windows natively. you run  directly on hardware. you can then also use your VM if you want and run Windows as guest OS.


    There is a forum for Bootcamp. Ought to check  that, and of course Parallels own forums.


    Mac 101: Using Windows on your Mac via Boot Camp


    Helpful Apple Support Resources (Forum Overview)

    Boot Camp 4.0, OS X Lion: Frequently asked question


    create a Windows support software (drivers) CD or USB storage media


    The Boot Camp Assistant can burn Boot Camp software (drivers) to a DVD or copy it to a USB storage device, such as a flash drive or hard drive. These are the only media you can use to install Boot Camp software.


    Instructions for all features and settings.


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    Ok then, let me run what you're written through my interp-o-tron processor (patent pending). You're asking if you can use parallels (or vmware fusion, or Boot Camp)

    to run windows stuff on Mac. yes.  I've never heard of nVidia Optimus, but yes, it will use whatever graphics card is in your MacBook Pro, whichever that is. I haven't ever heard of a user-replaceable graphics card for any Mac Laptop. I have heard of an external graphics card you can add to your laptop, but that is, as far as I know, windows only.  There is no Mac equivalent.  IF you were to run Parallels or whichever software on your Mac, which had a graphics card built in, then you could assume that such software would have Windows capable drivers, and, as such, would take advantage of the graphics card.  OS X will run on Macbook Pro and desktop machines just fine. It will have drivers for the graphics card, or the built in integrated card, so naturally, your gaming mileage will vary.  yes, you can run Windows in Parallels or vmware fusion, or BootCamp if you so desire. yes, you can switch, but Windows doesn't come preinstalled as a default. As you have found out, you have to do that yourself, partition your Hard drive, etc, etc. Then you can, I think, run Windows or OS X as you wish. Oh, 2 things: I don't think there is a BIOS on Mac, at least not one that's user accessible, and this is a forum for Mac Pro's, not Mac Book Pro's. This is a very common error, Napoleon. Next time, please post your question in the correct forum, or it'll be your Waterloo


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    I'm a bit if a noob when it comes to this, but the question is: Will parallels desctip7 with windows 7 use the advantages that the invidia card comes with, or will it automaticly use the integrated graphics card, because Mac OS X is using the invidia graphics card? Or am I just a bit stupid :P

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    OP was referring to an issue, quite real, with how Apple does not support Intel 4000 graphics and nVidia. Especially lack of support for Windows 8.


    Create a partition so you can use Windows and install natively and only then use and install a VM and it will pick up the native partition. You don't run games and resource intensive programs in a VM on a laptop


    The whole thing is best moved and answered in Bootcamp forum, ie,




    Intel WHQL Graphics Driver Windows 8 download




    Nvidia GT650M driver install: problems with windows 7 graphic driver after the installation Apple Support Software for Windows. The GT 650M was not showing up as the graphics adapter. I fixed the problem by inserting my windows support software CD a second time. I did not let it use auto run.  I went into the Windows 7 directory and then into the Nvidia directory and ran setup.exe. This installed the Nvidia drivers for me. If this works correctly, you will have an Nvidia control panel available to you. I set the resolution to 2880x1800. I also set windows to 200% magnification.

    I think what happens is that after you install windows, and then run the windows support CD, the main boot camp setup script seems to stop on the nvidia driver install--everything else installed correctly.

    GRAPHICS SOLUTION (by ineidzcode)

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    May I have a link to this forum? Not entirely sure what workstation is

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    ok, I've heard with i smarty guy. So he said that invidia would still be able to run both osx and parallels. But that nvidia optimus(that optimiles batterylife while using it as one example), but will might be unstable, since it isn't thta much tested for the mac. So the question I had have been anwsered, but he said that I would have a problem with procressing power if i was going to do some gaming inisde parallels while runing OS X. He said that Boot Camp would be the best alternative. Can I rely on that?

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    I have the link to Boot Camp forum.


    This forum is for full size 65 lb towers with a single or dual Xeon Intel server processor.