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Hi all - I'm sure this has been a ? from many, but no matter how many times I've done this - I cannot believe

that I struggle to get it done in a fast and efficient way EVERY SINGLE TIME!  I would love a simple

way to Export my feature-length movies to be a great quality with a correct aspect ratio and, yes, all fit

onto a 4.7 gig dvd and for all this to happen in a timely fashion (I've done too many all-nighters). 

I'm constantly baffled by whether or not I should use QT (which sometimes makes my file size 75 gigs and eats

up drive space), or Conversion?  Whether or not to use Compressor, DVDSP or just go with the simple, but lo-res iDVD? 

Someone, anyone, out there who has a simple step-by-step (and the exact specs I need to select) -

I would be eternally grateful. 

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7), FCP 7.0.3, Processor 2.8 GHz Intel
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    You should use the Export to QuickTime feature in FCP and make a self contained movie. Its size in GB is unimportant because you use it to make the Elementary Streams which form the basis of your DVD.


    Bring that file into Compressor and use one of the time based DVD presets that the running time of your movie fits into. This generates a MPEG2 video file and a Dolby Digital ac3 audio file. Using Compressor has the advantage of offering you more control over the process (should you choose to play with them) and is faster if you enable multiple core rendering.


    Import both of those into DVD Studio Pro and author your disk.

    DVD SP is not difficult. I taught myself in about half a day with help from the user manual and a couple of rewritable discs.

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    Thanks Nick.  I have been doing these things all along, I've been using Compressor and DVDSP for years,  however when I went to burn from DVDSP the file size was 4.8 and was too big for my dvd, which only holds 4.7.  However, the day before it worked.  I'm unsure why one day it works, and the next it doesn't  Any ideas on how to re-size it to fit without re-exporting again? 

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    it's the compressor part you're gonna need to do again to get the file size down.  You should use the appropriate preset in compressor.  If you're film is 92 minutes ya gotta use the 120 minute preset or tweak the bitrate in the 90 minute one til it comes in small enuf.  Also, make sure you create the audio ac3 file rather than using an aiff which can easily push you over the file size limitation of a dvd.

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    Thanks Michael -


    I have been trying things out but haven't done it 100% yet.

    Also - do you have any idea why I cannot play my burned DVD's in any

    DVD Player?  They only work in my laptop.  This has also been an on-going problem,

    sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. 




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    The reason that disks play in the Mac but not in a set top DVD player is usually the disk is an HD-DVD.


    This is an abandoned format that only obsolite Toshiba and Apple supported.


    You can verify this is your problem by looking in the DVD files and if there is anything that says HD ... this is your problem.


    The way out is to start completely over. Your files etc will not work. When you launch DVDSP, select SD DVD as the project type.



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    Thanks Studio X - I just posting as a separate question.  My dvd's are DVD-R, Maxell - just your standard, CVS type of dvds.  I also have selected SD DVD as the project type.  Back to the drawing board.  I saw from old posts on Apple that it might be the speed in which I'm burning, but I'm not seeing an option to change this.