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Sorry if this seems simplistic, or has already been answered in another discussion, but I created a website over a year ago in iWeb, which was then uploaded to my MobileMe account. As we all know, MobileMe went away, and now all I want to do is simply open the site I created in iWeb to view it, make some changes and additions, and find another place to host the site. I may also rebuild it from scratch in another web design program, but I need to at least see it and perhaps made some screen shots to use as guides. Only problem is, I can’t find it anywhere on my computer. I located all my source files, but can’t find the actual website I created. When I open iWeb, it asks me to choose a template to start a design. I can’t see anywhere an option where I can open the existing site I’ve already created. It’s got to be in there somewhere, right? Through other support recommendations, I was told to locate a “domain.site.2” file. I found several, but when I click on the icons, nothing opens, or else iWeb launches and askes me to choose a template.


Any suggestions?