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Hello, how is everybody haha.


My father came home with a new macbook pro 15 inch retina display latest to come out with the update of 10.8.5

MY macbook pro 15 inch NON-retina was released, according to "About This Mac" was released Late 2011

The software is now Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5

...My mom says that the 10.8.5 software is available for my computer and that i must go to software update. However, when i click software update it only shows one update (java) is available.


Is it even possible to get the latest update on a Macbook pro that will have made 2 years since opening new (2 years old)


Two years old ON Christmas day of 2013

MacBook Pro
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    You have to purchase Mountain Lion for $20 if you want to update your Macbook.


    If your Macbook is fine at Lion 10.7.5 - then leave it the way it is.


    Good luck

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    10.8.x is a newer version of OS X. You are running Lion 10.7.x. 10.8.x is Mountain Lion. You can buy it from the Mac App Store for $19.99US.

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    There is no Mountain Lion 10.8.5. The latest version is 10.8.2. The version included on you father's computer will not work on yours. To upgrade your computer to Mountain Lion will require purchasing and downloading Mountain Lion from the App Store using your Apple ID and password.


    As far as Lion 10.7.5 is concerned right now there are no other updates other than the Java one.

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    Is there any other software out yet?


    does the new software include applications or were the apps i saw on my dads retina 15 inch standard issued?

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    So if i want to download this app i see on the app store

    (it says i need to upgrade to 10.8.2 i guess since there isnt a .5)

    i cant get it unless i purchase it...(the software)

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    That is correct. In order to run any program that has a minimum requirement of Mountain Lion you will have to purchase and install Mountain Lion - 10.8.2.