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iPad keeps crashing

iPad 2, iOS 6.1.2
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    Frozen or unresponsive iPad

    Resolve these most common issues:

        •    Display remains black or blank

        •    Touch screen not responding

        •    Application unexpectedly closes or freezes



    iPad Frozen? How to Force Quit an App, Reset or Restart Your iPad

    http://ipadacademy.com/2010/11/ipad-frozen-how-to-force-quit-an-app-reset-or-res tart-your-ipad


    iPad: Basic troubleshooting



     Cheers, Tom

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    Have same problem and can get no help from Apple. Aftr reading others with same problem, without answered, am getting afraid to get another Apple IPad.

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    I've tried several suggestions, but this one worked for me:


    Tap Settings, then tap Safari on the left side.  Then on the right side - tap clear history.  Then tap Clear Cookies. Then tap Clear Cache, if you have that option available. Reboot your iPad. Hold down on the sleep button at the top until the red slider appears and slide to power off.  Then hold down on the sleep button until the Apple logo appears and the iPad will restart.


    Let me know if this helps!

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    I tried your suggestion and it seems to have cleared up my problem.  I can actually now read an entire article on the Drudge report or a news service without  crashing.  Appreciate the fix tip!



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    Not anything I have read and support's intstructions are working for me.... I am going to try to take mine to the shop. If they cannot fix it, I am DONE with Apple products. This is my only apple product purchase, and my ipad has lasted less than a year!!! I am losing confidence in the product. I will take my chances with windows.

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    I have tried everything suggested on the forums, even taken my ipad back to factory settings and still it crashes continually and I mean every few seconds! My daughter's ipad is now doing the same. These products are far too expensive to be doing this after a year or so. Judging from the forum posts this is happening to a lot of people, so mine isn't a one off. I absolutely love my ipad so much that I went and bought a new one last weekend. I'm hoping the same won't happen, but judging from the comments I'm not so sure. As I'm writing this I have my older ipad set up alongside of me and the apple logo keeps flashing on and off every few seconds. This is after a reboot. Grrrr not happy! Oh, and another thing is it takes a whole day to recharge!