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I've had iphone 4 for 2 years with ZERO interuptions on my 3 Gmail accounts.



Yesterday i bought the iphone 5. It has been working absolutely fine until 5pm this evening and now not responding. All the accounts are EXACTLY the same as the iphone 4 because i did the icloud restore from backup, and as i said, i have had no problems until 5pm tonight.



I have also just turned on my iphone 4 and it is still working fine!



I have also just tried on my ipad 2 and that as well is working completely fine. All with synced Gmail accounts.



What the **** is going on?!



I've found so many threads about this dating back over the past year, but no one seems to have actually found a solution. Does it just start working again? I've tried deleting and re adding the gmail accounts.



How the **** is it not working on iphone 5 when it is working on all other devices.



Please help. I have an extremely hectic business trip later this week and i absolutely cannot not have access to emails on my phone!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)