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As stated already, when i plug my ipod 4th gen. into my computer no charge sign appears on the upper right battery life. After about 5 seconds my computer then completely freezes, no mouse movement, can't cnt-alt-delete ect. i have tried all the open ports on the computer to no avail. I thought at first it was just a bad usb cable, but when i connect my ipod to my x box 360 it charges, so i presume it's not that. I've seen solutions to reset and are aware of how to do it, but after entering my password to reset it then asks for another password, i've tried every password i can think of but none were accepted for the second passcode, leaving me with 13 attempts and and hour inbetween attemps hence forth. any ideas or suggestions are much appriciated.     


PS. both ipod and computer are up to date

iPod touch (4th generation)