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I have a problem with moving my entire media folder to an external HDD. I did everything as described in the Apple support page, in a nutshell merge my media folders, define a new location (external HDD) move the folders and organise Media Folder.


BUT my Podcasts do still link to my old media folder location. When I download a new podcast it goes to the old location, when I see the information on an existing podcast it is still linked to the old location. But I want my ENTIRE media files synched to the new location, so I can delete the old files. The podcast are existing at the new location but not linked in iTunes. WHY????


How can I fix this?




Solved by christopherfrommünchen on Mar 15, 2013 5:01 AM Solved

I have no clue why, as I did nothing more to fix this thing BUT today everthings is moved correct. So problem solved. Bad karma I suppose.