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i would like to transfer the non itunes purchased music that is on my iphone4 to my new iphone5. I have backed up my iphone 4 to both my pc and icloud, but when i sych with my iphone 5 only my itunes purchased music appears

iPhone 5
Reply by imobl on Mar 13, 2013 10:26 AM Helpful

How did you get the non-purchased music onto the iPhone? If you

used iTunes on a computer, the music should still be in that iTunes

on that computer. If you deleted the music from the computer, you will

have to get the music back into iTunes and thence to your iPhone.

Reply by imobl on Mar 13, 2013 11:04 AM Helpful

You will only be able to sync with one library at a time. When you try

to sync with another library, the music on your iPhone from the first will be

wiped. You want to get all your music into the same iTunes and sync

with that.


Log into the iTunes on the old computer to see if it will let you download

any purchased music that is not in that copy of iTunes. Then sync

your iPhone to that version. Or copy the music from iTunes on the old

computer to the new computer before syncing to the new computer.

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