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I'm saving for a new Mac mini and in the meantime have installed Safari for Windows on my Windows XP SP3 machine while my bank account accumulates so I can get some experience on Apple software.



I exported my Firefox bookmarks to an html file and went through the File > Import Bookmarks routine in Safari to import my bookmarks. When in Safari, opening bookmarks from either the toolbar at the top or with the bookmarks button on the menu bar, I can only see my bookmarks that aren't in a folder. I have several hundred bookmarks that are in probably a dozen folders that do not display either in the Show All Bookmarks in the Bookmarks dropdown on the toolbar or by clicking the bookmarks button. 


When I click on the Bookmarks button or the Bookmarks > Show All Bookmarks menu drop down. When I do click on the folder the unsorted bookmarks (ones that are not in folders) appear on the right side of the Safari screen in a Cover flow pattern. However, the bulk of my bookmarks are in folders by category and these are the ones that I seem to be missing. They just don't seem to be there. I've done the Import Bookmarks sequence about 4 times now and getting frustrated.


Have I done something wrong? Any suggestions on how I can see ALL of my bookmark?



Thanks in advance!

iPhone 4, iOS 6.1