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i am having a long-standing problem on my first generation (1,1) mac pro where i have an installation of Windows 7 "under" boot camp. this installation involved some kind of minor mac hack that involved writing something to ISO and/or a CD Rom and then getting the installation onto my hard drive.


right now i am not sure if i should get rid of my tech guy, buy the new mac pro as soon as it comes out, boot into safe mode, re-install windows 7 or all of the above. help please?


lately if i try and Option Boot into this volume i get a Windows closed down incorrectly error and then i hit start windows normally it will crash out and restart the computer in mac OS (i.e. in another option boot volume).

at one point the windows 7 boot was not working at all and we discovered that i had to TURN OFF my G-Tech 3 TB backup drive in order to get the Mac to boot into Windows.


i am wondering if i should focus my energies by trying to boot into Safe Mode (and if so what to do if/when i get there) but also whether this appears to be an issue with the Mac Pro, the G-Tech external, Windows or some combination of all plus some user error thrown in for good measure.

i absolutely need to have a volume of windows 7 running and this is a long-standing issue at this point.


i am also running a Carbon Copy Cloner of this volume (the one that has all my OS's) on a daily basis to another internal hard drive (which i assume does not matter but i figure to mention it).


any ideas on what to do??


i am planning at some point to buy the next release of the Mac Pro so i can upgrade the desktop to Mountain Lion to match the laptop but it seems like i should be able to get this working on my end now...




P.S. I /am/ also noticing that my User Photo periodically drops off and i just see two blank icons (one for me and one for Guest) when i have to login. i set it to a photo and then a week or two or a boot or two later it will disappear.

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    why here? and we have been down this road.

    follow instructions for Imgburn, ccc can't you need to use Windows aware programs, use a PC to startthe install, pick up a $650 PC even say LGA1155 3.4GHz


    use VM and forget Bootcamp

    use an SSD ? makes for goid response


    find "Jowie" page on how to use imgburn and print it out

    you use windows 7 pro to support 2 cpus and 64-bit to address more than 1.9GB RAM (real bummer that)


    ow that windows supports UEFI and sees yoj have EFI... wheras Vista pre-SP1 was a breeze to install.

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    hi. i am wondering if this may be a Mac Pro 1,1 specific problem or otherwise a hardware issue.


    unfortunately i did not understand anything you wrote!


    boot camp is absolutely necessary for me. there is no alternative for me using virtual machines (which i am using) due to computational needs/speed which are not possible using virtualization. this is the need for boot camp.


    what is the point about EFI?


    we used the jowie page to install Windows 7 and this was done by the guy that helps me with technical issues. this installation /was/ working and now it is not working.


    if i try and boot into windows 7 it crashes and reboots into mac OS...



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    hi all,


    a report back after hacking my way through siberia over here:


    turns out there are bad sectors on my drive that some third party program discovered.


    the disk is on it's way back to WD with a replacement in the works.


    fortunately my internal cloned backup got me back up to speed with mac os but unfortunately i was not yet setup to clone my windows boot camp backup so i will be installing windows 7 boot camp one more time on this drive...

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    Good to hear... I guess, knowing what and why.


    I use WD Lifeguard and that has done a good job with those WD drives and also with bad sectors, otherwise SMART Utility and SoftRAID.


    The memory diagnostic test in Windows is good as well. Picking up problems missed by others.


    When you do get setup, I hope you enjoy after all this, and look at Paragon or something to clone Windows.