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I have an Early 2008 iMac wiht 4GB and 2 external HD (1-Time Machine & 2-iTunes/iPhoto only). Occasionally, I get the spinning pinwheel of death and have to reboot. Trouble is, when it's  rebooted, I get the Folder with a Questionmark. It can't fing the boot drive. If I unplug it, let it sit for 10 min, plug it back in, it sees the drive and boots normally. After I have a desktop, if I go into settings > Startup Disk, the  Mac HD is NOT highlighted. It's forgotten where to boot from! I can highlight the Mac HD and go back in to check, yep, it's highlighted. But after recovering from one of it's episodes, it's not highlighted. Maybe it's having a stroke or TIA?


Tried unplugging the USB HD to boot w/o them but get the same folder & ? so I know it's not them.


Before everyone says it's the hard drive, I've had it in several times and the entire machine passes diagnostics. Additionally, it always verifies in Disk Utility and I have never lost files or had data corruption.


I thought it might be a system battery but I'm told if you don't have to update the time after unplugging got 10 min, it's not the system  battery. The time never needs ot be updated. Always correect after these incidents.


Logic Board? Hmmm... new Mac!


Anyone seen this behavior or have another suggestion?