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I have an iPhone 5 (iOS 6.1.2) that was just replaced at the Genius Bar today due to some intermittent camera and home button issues.


Everything was normal when starting up the newly exchanged phone that they gave me. It gets through the activation step in the startup process and when I get to the screen to select "Restore from iCloud Backup" and enter my Apple ID and password it instantly spits out an alert that says: 


Incorrect Apple ID or Password

Try another Apple ID

(  OK  )


I have entered, what I know to be, the correct username and password now 10+ times and it gives me the same message.  I know it's correct because I am able to login to,, the app store on my iPad normally with the same login credentials and everything works.  But something about the startup screen is not accepting my username and password.  They fishy thing about it is that it doesnt seem to check for the server, it just seems to tell me its incorrect before even taking the time to check whether it's incorrect or not.


Naturally, the next thing I did was a DFU restore of the phone to make sure it wasnt a software issue and that it had the lastest software update.  All the same results.  If I go down the path of "Set up as new iPhone" it activates normally and then I can even log into iCloud normally from inside the OS once I've gotten there.  That, however, does not help me get my backup text messages, photos, apps, app data, etc.


Anyone else having this issue? I never usually have issues with my iPhone/iPad and this one is especially infuriating.


Any help/information would be much appreciated.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.2
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