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encrypted a usb using "mac osx journaled encrypted", forgot password, and now have no option to format when i go into disk utility


any suggestions ?


mac osx 10.8.2

Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    In disk utility select the drive device even if it's grayed out. Then click the "Info" button and get the "Disk Identifier" for the device. Then open the Terminal utility in your /Applications/Utilities folder and run the following command, but replace "IDENTIFIER" with the one you found in the information window:


    sudo diskutil eraseDisk jhfs+ Untitled IDENTIFIER


    When prompted, supply your password and hopefully that should be all that is required to erase the disk and set it up again for standard use.


    If this does not work, then run the following command in the Terminal and copy and paste the output into another message here:


    diskutil cs list
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    i spoke too soon.


    Logical Volume Group 84DC1EC9-C615-4ED8-B2D9-BAC45FEF83D6


        Name:         encrypted

        Size:         31679537152 B (31.7 GB)

        Free Space:   0 B (0 B)


        +-< Physical Volume BDF0AC6F-126E-4A34-B39F-8AD054A878DF

        |   ----------------------------------------------------

        |   Index:    0

        |   Disk:     disk1s2

        |   Status:   Online

        |   Size:     31679537152 B (31.7 GB)


        +-> Logical Volume Family 30719A92-BC8C-454F-95F3-FB08771744C2


            Encryption Status:       Locked

            Encryption Type:         AES-XTS

            Conversion Status:       Complete

            Conversion Direction:    -none-

            Has Encrypted Extents:   Yes

            Fully Secure:            Yes

            Passphrase Required:     Yes


            +-> Logical Volume 1C15FE89-F926-425D-8C4B-DA75620C6ED2


                Disk:               -none-

                Status:             Locked

                Size (Total):       31360761856 B (31.4 GB)

                Size (Converted):   -none-

                Revertible:         No

                LV Name:            encrypted

                Content Hint:       Apple_HFS

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    Run this command in the Terminal, and then see if the disk is made available for formatting and partitioning:


    diskutil cs delete 84DC1EC9-C615-4ED8-B2D9-BAC45FEF83D6

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    problem solved Topher, thankyou !


    it's strange as to why this is not available in disk utility, though i understand the unreadiness to make it available so easily.

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    Disk Utility is rather limited. For now when handling CoreStorage volumes it has an option to auto-detect inconsistencies and then present you with a "Fix" button to click; however, this is designed for addressing Apple's retail Fusion Drive setups and not custom ones.