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Ok, so here is my problem. I have an Iphone 3Gs that quit being recignized by my computer. The USB would come back unrecognized. However, I can charge off the wall.


I have tried many things.


- I switched between known good cords.

- I tried a different Iphone and my compuer picked my other Iphone up instantly.

- I tried a known good cable and plugged it up to a different computer. It worked.

- I tried a known good cable and plugged it into a different computer than the one above. It failed to recognize.

- I tried to plug into all USB ports on my computer. No luck.

- I tried to delete my USB drivers. No luck.

- I tried to change the battery dock ribbon cable. Even with a new dock ribbon cable, the device still would not be recognized by the computer.


And very RARELY my computer will not recognize it but Itunes will...



Any help would be greatly appreciated.


And please... No "change the cord" Comments because I have already done that. I have tried many things, so no surface questions.

iPhone 3GS, iOS 6.1.2