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Ok..  Here's my setup.


Dsl Internet (10mbps)

4 port Netgear router

26 port Cisco switch

Windows home server 2011 (8gig ram, 39tb in hard drives, i7 CPU)

1 Apple TV 2

1 Apple TV 3

1 ipad 2

1 windows 8 computer

1 hp ultra book laptop



I love my Apple TV. I was running two of them with no issues at all until now.. I have not changed anything on my server setting, not changed anything on my home network (router, switches etc.). Now I have a small problem..  I have a home server running iTunes (since Apple TV doesn't share another way) and when I transfer files to or from the server over the network, both apple tvs lose my computer. I can be watching something and it just stops & goes back to the main menu. I log in to my server and iTunes is still running, I am still on the network and I am online. Also i have noticed if i transfer files from my laptop (hard wired) to my windows 8 machine, it doesn't mess up.. Only to or from the server running itunes. Everything is on cat6 cables and hardwired except ipad. The ipad also loses homesharing. This is what I have done so far to try to figure out what is going on..


1-Turned off iTunes and restart it

Outcome: Apple TV sees the computer, but will not load library


2-Unplugged the Apple TV and replugged it back up(hard reset)

Outcome:Apple tv seen computer, but wouldn't load library


3-Stopped transferring files.

Outcome: Apple TV doesn't see the computer until I restart iTunes.


4-Reinstalled iTunes from a fresh download of the newest version off iTunes.com

Outcome: Apple TV sees the computer and loads library but stops again.


5-Uninstalled bonjour and uninstalled iTunes the reinstalled iTunes.

Outcome:worked for a day or two then started messing up again.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------


I never had issues before with iTunes not seeing or losing the computer while transferring files between computers before. I noticed it took a second or two longer to load a movie or tv show, but I understood that.. This is something completely new.


Does anyone have any ideas what I could try next? I called apple and after about an hour on hold and being transferred around, they said stop transferring files.. But I need to cause of my job.. The lady said, well buy a new Mac or build a new computer and put it on a separate network.. I don't want to have two different networks in my house and have to build a new computer..


Thanks for any help or ideas..

Custom Built, Windows 7