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HI, recently a frined asked me to put a movie on his ipod 4.  I plugged it in to my macbook pro with itunes 11.0.1...and I was able to drag a movie to his ipod without, by selecting the ipod on the itunes left column, the movie tab, and simply drag a movie from a folder onto the itunes window/ipod/movie window, without Synching his ipod to my itunes library... (as it is already Synched with another itunes library).


Now I am trying to replicate what I did, but it does not work, neither with an ipod 4, or ipod 5..


Is it ipossible to copy a movie on the ipod 5, or an ipad for that matter, without having to Sync it to my itunes library?


I was reading another post that mentionned to look into the options of the ipod preferences... but could not find "options" in the prefs of ipod, or pref of itunes/ipod tab...


any idea on how to do this?