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Hey Apple, it´s annoying. I need my Google searchbar back. Since three month with the new mbp, I still have problems, because when adding words into the bar, Safari always tries to find a homepage and I rarely get what I´m looking for.PLEASE give it back. SO I can decide if I enter a homepage with his help. I mean all this stuff of changing my words can hlp, but I am not stupid. I can read and write. So often the Iphone 5 writes stuff I never wrote. Even word which don´t excist. I know you want to make life easier, but this makes more stress. I always have to check if MAC is doing right.Let me decide, because you don´t have my AI, yet.


I mean I don´t like firefox and I don´t want it on my mac, but if you don´t change this, I am forced to switch. I mean you can do this by a click and whoever does not want it, just does not tick.


THX, Mike

Safari, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)