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This has been an on-going problem for me (along with exporting/burning features onto dvds in general).

I have been reading up on why dvds won't play in standard players, but then I noticed that the posts

were eight years old.  Does anyone have any idea why, in 2013, sometimes my burned dvds (from either idvd or dvsp) will

work and sometimes they glitch out or say "media not recognized" or whatever.  I love editing, but

when it comes time to burn dvds I think of finding another career.

As always - I really appreciate it - I wouldn't know what I'd do without you ppl from

Apple Support - thank-you!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7), FCP 7.0.3, Processor 2.8 GHz Intel
  • Shane Ross Level 8 (42,705 points)

    Are you trying to burn HD DVDs?  Are you using the Compressor Presets for DVD, and then taking that into DVD SP?


    Here's a pretty simple workflow:


    #42 - Quick and dirty way to author a DVD


    Shane's Stock Answer #42 - David Roth Weiss' Secret Quick and Dirty Way to Author a DVD:


    The absolute simplest way to make a DVD using FCP and DVDSP is as follows:


    1. Export a QT movie, either a reference file or self contained using current settings.


    2. Open DVDSP, select the "graphical" tab and you will see two little monitors, one blue, one green.


    3. Select the left blue one and hit delete.


    4. Now, select the green one, right click on it amd select the top option "first play".


    5. Now drag your QT from the broswer and drop it on top of the green monitor.


    6. Now, for a DVD from an HD source, look to the right side and select the "general tab" in the track editor, and see the Display Mode, and select "16:9 pan-scan."


    7. Hit the little black and yellow burn icon at the top of the page and put a a DVD in when prompted. DVDSP will encode and burn your new DVD.


    THATS ALL!!!


    NOW...if you want a GOOD LOOKING DVD, instead of taking your REF movie into DVD SP, instead take it into Compressor and choose the BEST QUALITY ENCODE (2 pass VBR) that matches your show timing.  Then take THAT result into DVD SP and follow the rest of the steps.  Except you can choose "16:9 LETTERBOX" instead of PAN & SCAN if you want to see the entire image.

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    Hi Shane -

    I actually found your steps on Creative Cow a few days ago ... and have been

    using them.  Thanks for posting them here too!

    I am trying to burn a SD DVD, Maxell -R.  From the research I've been doing on the

    net (even the stuff posted 8 years ago) could it still be the speed in which it's burning? 

    But, I'm not seeing where I can control this from DVDSP.  In addition, my media is slightly larger than the dvd,

    so after all the exporting, importing assets, it will not burn anyway. 


    Looking into different careers now . . .


    If you have any other clues - I'd love to know.  Thanks for all of your help in the past too!


    Best wishes!

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    Why is it bigger than the DVD? Out of compressor it should come out the right size.  Are you choosing the appropriate preset? If it is under 90 min...use the 90 min preset. If it is between 90 and 120, use the 120 min preset...between 120 and 150...150 min preset. If you have a film that is, say 126 min, and you use the 120 min preset...it will be too big.

  • Bengt Wärleby Level 6 (19,450 points)



    Usually the problem is one of these


    • BRAND of DVD - Most Cheap brands are not OK for Video-DVDs as Memorex, NoName etc. Maxell - I don't know - I don't use

    I only use Verbatim (more organic dye in them)


    • Type of DVD used

    - DVD +/- R - usually don't work or give major problems - mine get a solid blue picture

    - DVD+R - are a modern standard - but doesn't play on older DVD-players

    - DL-DVDs - usually are more problematic than SL-DVDs


    I only use DVD-R - as I don't know how old the viewers devices are


    • BURN SPEED - Major contributing problem - Higher Speed ===> More Burn Errors ==> DVD doesn't play

    - Best is NOT BEST at all

    I set this to x2 or x4 at max.


    Yours Bengt W

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    Shane - I used the right preset in Compressor - I always pick 120 (my film is only 1hr 24 min).

    So, that is why I'm confused and I think this the first time it's happened (saying the file is too big to burn).  I also checked the size of the files before importing them into DVDSP and they were well under

    the requisite 4.7.  ???


    Bengt - thanks I am using Maxell, it was the only -R to pick from, I'll try to find Verbatim.

    I coudn't find where to switch the burn speed in DVDSP!  Any clue?


    Thanks guys!!!!  Appreciate it!

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    Bengt, I always use dvd-r's and they seem the most consistent to me.  First question I ask when someone has a problem getting a burned disk to play on a set top player is, "did you use dvd+r?  If so, try burning dvd-r."  This usually solves the problem. 


    My understanding is that write speed is no longer the issue it was 10 years ago.  I always burn at the maximum possible.   I've read this many times on various message boards.  Of course, we both know that isn't necessarily rock solid as a source. 


    FWIW, I always just do a build in DVDSP and then burn in Toast doing a verify after burning.


    That said, I don't think I've had a disk get rejected in 5 years UNTIL about a month ago when I disk I burned on a thermal printable blank (cause I've got a casio disk printer) wouldn't read on a client's dvd player.  I burned a replacement using a memorex blank without any issues.   And then another client had a problem playing a dvd-r I burned in a blu-ray player (which she said didn't have any problems with other dvd's."


    I usually (if I have the time) at least throw the burned disk into an old set top player I have here to make sure it works.

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    Thanks Michael - any and all of these suggestions will help me get to the bottom of it!