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Hi All.

I couldn´t believe at the beginning but it's real. Keynote hyperlinks have a bug. Went to an Apple Store in Spain and confirmed it with their technical support.


If you try to hyperlink a Keynote presentation from another one you may discover that Keynote exits from play mode and returns to design mode. ***!!

Try this:

     Create a Keynote file, 1 slide (or more if you wanna loose time). (Lets call it P1)

     Create a second Keynote file, 1 slide. (idem) (Lets call it P2)

     Create a hyperlink on whichever slide of P1 to open P2.

     Close P2.

     Launch P1 - enter play mode.

     Click on the hyperlink (it should launch P2)

     It shows first slide of P2 for half a second and..... ¡ ¡ Keynote exists from play mode and gets back to design mode ! !


Is this really what Apple wanted the hyperlink to another keynote file work? Don´t think so.


You may find that if you relaunch P1 and reclic on the hyperlink..... it works! ! ! ! That´s because P2 is already opened. Close P2 and try again..... E R R O R !


Please, take notice of this bug and give it a solution. It`s not a good business to set things on the applications that don´t work. What would Steve (R.I.P) think about this?


Hope for a soon update of the application for solving this.