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    Same issue.

    iPhone5s can connect via Bluetooth but no Internet.

    The issue is that command online does not support the new technology of wifi Internet. It only supports Bluetooth DUN(dial up networking)

    DUN is super slow when connected.

    Blackberry phones support DUN as default and pair for Internet usage on the Mercedes Benz seamlessly.

    Mercedes is working on other solution just like the wrapper software called. DRIVE KIT PLUS. which is an interface of your iPhone over the current command online, plus costing an extra 795 pounds from Mercedes Benz Milton Keynes.



  • ict22 Level 1 Level 1

    Odd. I got my Mercedes GL class from Sytner in Milton Keynes in September. The iPhone5s works just fine with Command Online. You got to ensure you have bluetooth connection established. Then you also need to enable Personal Hotspot on the iPhone5s. Then on the command online section in the bottom left select the iphone connection and it is working fine. Super speed in 4G on Vodafone for me No extras required.

  • mmnz Level 1 Level 1

    Impossible. You must be either a Mercedes employee or an independent person being paid commission to publicise this issue and paint a fine scene.

    I have 2 cars .

    1 e250 coupe 2013

    2 cls250 2012

    Both have command online with the latest software which is 8.1 .

    Mercedes command online does not have the specific hardware to support PAN

    Stop writing lies as it's unfair to misguide people.


    I have gone to extreme extents by offering Mercedes services free of charge in writing a new software.

    I have been to the Bremen plant and spoken to senior people about this issue and it does not work at the moment.

    Command online will not operate with any device via PAN. It only supports DUN which most modern phones don't .

    My number is **** and my name is Momin.


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  • ict22 Level 1 Level 1

    Momin, I guess the frustration is very strong as what you acuse me off is not very nice. I can assure you that I am not a Mercedes employee, and I can assure you that it works on my Mercedes GL. I'm not texting you this time in the morning, but happy to meet you at a mutually convenient location after the holidays. I'm back in London (Westminster area) from 6/1 onwards. Until then I'm near Milton Keynes in the country side.\


    However they are no lies, if what I wrote doesn't work you may have an older command system installed in your car which I would take up especially for the 2013 model with Mercedes.


    1. Ensure bluetooth connection is working - check you see your contacts on the fly, and your new SMS messages get displayed.

    2. Enable personal hotspot on your iPhone 5 or 5S is enabled. The car won't use WiFi but check connection to your phone using a macbook or laptop or ipad or something to be cartain your network operator hasn't barred tethering on your account. That can happen. The car will use bluetooth not WiFi but you proof it is working.

    3. Then on the Command system go to the globe?? on the far right, and you should have the Mercedes Apps option in front, then move to the bottom left and there should be an option for auto connection and your iphone name. Just click that one to establish connection (it should do it automatically there after)...


    And that is it, all done. Works both on my 5S and the 5 from my wife. I got to admit that I always plug mine in the media interface whilst doing that so it gets charged. So you may want to give that a try as well. I use an official apple 30pin-lightning connector block.

  • mmnz Level 1 Level 1

    Your strong message seems pretty convincing but there are many questions on my mind.

    I was in Milton Keynes last week and the dealer didn't tell me anything about it as we discussed in detail.

    The command on all the latest Mercedes are NTG 4.5 aka command online . There is a wrapper software so called drive kit plus which is not the one I'm interested in.

    Most vehicles have the drive kit plus installed on top the command online or audio 20 system.

    The command online latest version is 8.1 shown as version 8.0 when checked .

    The CL GL SLS E C ClS A B all have the same system . Only the new S class has a slightly different command which I have heard.

    I will test it right away but I'm sure it's impossible at this state of time to tether iPhone with command online for internet.

    Sorry for blame but there are too many people out there lieing and especially the dealers are pea brained.


  • ict22 Level 1 Level 1

    No problem at all. I'm happy to meet you and demonstrate how it works in my GL. It was Karyn at Sytner MK who sold me that car and did the initial walkthrough with me. I was actually amazed how knowledgeable she was about it all. I'm sorry to hear you've had a frustrating time.


    I've been there with our previous car, a Toyota Prius (yes I know the GL is our anti Prius as I hated that car) which was 3 months in the dealership to sort out the upgraded sound system.


    So if it doesn't work, I'm happy to meet up and I can demonstrate it can work....I'm happy for you to connect your phone to my car so you can rule that out as well....

  • mmnz Level 1 Level 1

    ok, i just tested all my phones again as i knew none would work and even on my friends car. Its the same issue. Blue tooth tethering from iPhone to commanad online is not supported at all.

    Are you sure you are just using command online, i think you vehcile is equiped with Drive Kit Plus, which has a Red Halo on the icons and shows up Facebok Twitter as huge icons.


    DRIVE KIT PLUS works over NTG4.5 or audio 20






  • ict22 Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, it is the bottom picture no red logos or anything like that. Box standard system, only upgrade that touches it is the Harmon kardon audio upgrade. All standard otherwise.

  • mmnz Level 1 Level 1

    Ok. news. Im in Thailand and i tested my iPhone5s, same phone, with my car here and it works. I went to the Mercedes Showroom and tested it with other e and a class mercs and it works.

    After investigating more, Mercedes have secretly updated the navigation system, with a software update which can support iphone tethering, but they have not informed and the merc system is also not showing an update for the 2010 2011 or 2012 models.

    They are not willing to comment and provide any info plus they are just acting dumb as if they dont know.


    I called merc Milton Keynes and the service manage acted dumb as well simply saying that he doesnt know anything of that sort. although this has been a major issue with mercs.


    But yes, ure new vehcile supports iphones very easily as now after connecting it via bluetooth u need to open the hotspot settings on the iphone and then the globe on the command clicking on that gives a new option ontop of operator setting which is (PROVIDER: AUTOM. CONFIGURATION)


    Im onto customer services as to why they have not informed all their customers who have vehciles which require this update.


  • ict22 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm glad to hear you got to the bottom of it. I knew it older vehicles had an issue but I would have thought your 2013 e250 should have been ok....

  • mmnz Level 1 Level 1

    Hi ict22 and All,


    Ok the wait is over, and yes the issue was witg Mercedes Command System NTG 4.5 which does not support tethering.

    I sold my car yesterday and purchased a brand new E Coupe and after checking the engineering mode it shows that the command system has been updated to NTG4.7 which is the 3rd Gen of NTG4.5.

    iPhone tethering is a breeze and now the system supports PAN(personal area netwroking) and DUN.

    So all worries over. Enjoying my new car. but yes there is absolutly no way, that a software or hardware upgrade can allow NTG4.5 to internet tethering via iPhone or ios or android OS.





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