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I've got several websites that I need to update, and frankly probably rebuild from scratch.


I am considering moving them to iWeb. However, the ONLY reason I have not switched over yet is the unavailability of easy WYSIWYG drop down menus for iWeb. It's safe to say that if there was a seamlessly integrated way to create these, I would have started publishing at least four different sites with iWeb...YEARS ago.


So, now, faced with the choice again, the drop down menus question is before me again.


Please understand: I know and understand the various ways they can be manually created. That's now what I'm asking.


What I'm asking is for people's opinion: What's the likelihood that Apple will ever add this functionality to iWeb itself?

If so, any likelihood of this happening soon?


Because if they don't, I then have to make a choice to go through the long and arduous task of manually creating the menus for several sites (and making sure their perfect before we "go live" with the new versions...) And I'll have to weigh whether or not I want to bother with that.


Obviously, I am intentionally asking for your conjectures, unless some of you would like to dish on stuff you know.


Thanks in advance.

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Reply by Wyodor on Mar 14, 2013 11:42 PM Helpful

iWeb is discontinued, so the likelihood that it gets the menus you want is rather slim.


And yes, there is a seamless way to add them.


Start here :




Then :





More here :



Reply by Ethmoid on Mar 15, 2013 2:09 AM Helpful

Well, considering that Apple has withdrawn support for iWeb and did so last year and no longer sells it in any of its stores and has not updated it in over 3 years now, then you will not get drop down menus.


As Apple does not support iWeb any longer, they are not going to update it, so forget the drop down menus now and consider re-building your website in another programme.  One such programme that does have drop down menus integrated into it is WebAcappella and you can find it by looking here at http://www.webacapella.fr


You can create ordinary menu buttons and also a dynamic menu which is a very easy to use drop down menu and it is very easy to use and like iWeb too.  Take a look at it and see for yourself, but if you want drop down menus then forget about iWeb.

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