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I am using iweb and have sucessfully published my site and now there is a red colored world next to my primary website and the publish now button is not available. What have I done?

iPhone 4S, iOS 6
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    Sorry, this is on a Macbook Pro 15" OS X 10.8.2

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    What version of iWeb are your using, 2 or 3?  Can you  provide a screenshot of the icon you're seeing? 



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    i am having the same issue- all red.  version 3. it was all fine, i entered the FTP upload info, checked the connection, hit the publish button. checked my FTP file manager on my hosting server site and it's not there. going back to iweb, all the folders are red and the publish button no longer is available.  what's up? thanks!

    macbook pro 10.7.5

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    Try using the File ➙ Publish Entire Website menu optionl.  Is it grayed out?  Can you publish the site to a folder on the hard driver?  If so then you might want to try using a 3rd party FTP client like YummyLIte, Cyberduck or Transfer to upload the site files.  These applications provide Finder like windows of the server so it's easy to see what files are there.

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    thanks- i think i figured it out.  it got stuck on uploading and i had to kill the pages.  restarted iweb and was able to publish.  thanks!!