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I am happy to know that apple released bootcamp 5 just now. But I am disappointed that it does not support 13inch MBP 2010 mid model while the 15&17 model are supported.  Maybe the nvdia nforce chips lead this ******* thing. It is unfair to regard 13inch mode like thisl. My five months waiting ruined.

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    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities


    Why do you say that Boot Camp isn't compatible with your Mac? Boot Camp is compatible with all Intel-based Macs, including yours. If you are referring to Windows 8, I know that there are only some Macs compatible with it, but you can install Windows 7

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    Thanks for your reply.

    Of course I can use win7, but I want to use win8. in win 8, only boot camp 5.0 is compatible, but for my model, apple only provides the vision 4.0.

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    Boot Camp 4.0 is the Boot Camp version included with OS X Lion, and you need OS X Mountain Lion to run Windows 8. Open the Apple menu (at the top left of the display) > About this Mac, and tell me what OS X version you are using

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    What zjnewstart means is that Apple has opted to not support the mid2010 13" MBP with the latest version of Boot Camp. They have specifically stated that our machines (which mine, at least, is running ML) can only run Boot Camp 4.0 and not 5.0 - therefore leaving us out of official support for Win8 (which runs quite nicely on these machines, and more than meets the minimum requirements according to Microsoft, which the support bulletin links to).


    You can find the specific info at the support doccument here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5634

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    Read the above link.



    Some macs that can run Win8 PERFECTLY have been deprecated in Bootcamp 5. Mine is a Mid 2009 MBP 15".


    I have Windows8 Installed via Bootcamp 4. Every single device works perfectly. No issues whatsoever.



    But now that I installed Bootcamp 5 / 10.8.3, IF I EVER delete my current Win8 installation, I will not be able to install it again. Because of Bootcamp 5. Even though my MBP can perfectly run Windows 8.

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    Two months ago, I tried to install win8 on my macbook, and installed bootcamp 4.0 at the same time, but the system was very unstable , sometimes the windows turned blue screen. So I have to manually download each hardware driver without bootcamp installation. Without the official bootcamp support , I mainly encountered two problems : 1 . Keypad light does not shine 2.Fn key can not use. I wait the bootcamp 5.0 for a long time. My mac meets the requirement that win8 needs, so it is apple's duty to provide an official support, like the 15&17 inch models at the same 2010mid generation.