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    Eric, I also booted into safe mode yesterday and so far so good, no white screen. Thank you for this suggestion.  I am optimistic that this will take care of the problems. I also had the System Preference and iPhoto issues and they seem to be fine now.  HPR3 and Eric, thank you for the postings! I very much appreciate the support!

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    I've got a weirdo issue, too.  The 10.8.3 update killed most of the items in my menu bar - can't see the volume setting or date & time.  When I pull up System Prefs from the Apple shaped menu header it takes about two full minutes to come up.  Then, when I click the button to make it show date/time in the dock, I get pinwheel for about a minute and a half, then the Prefs screen crashes.  I can't make it show the date and time no matter what I do.  The same thing happens when I check the 'show volume in menu bar' box.


    This stinks - the update fixed a weird graphics problem I was having in Safari - but I am not happy I can't show the time or volume, since I use those displays a lot. 


    I'm also having trouble pulling the Preferences window back up if I minimize it.  Trying to open it or clicking anything is yielding lots of pinwheel, frozen screen, and crashing.

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    I'm experiencing severe graphical glitches since upgrading to 10.8.3. I've reset both the PVRAM and NRAM, neither of which made a difference. I've re-installed the OS, which did not fix it. I cannot boot into safe mode, as the boot progress bar will get permanently stuck about 1/4 of the way through.


    Here are three videos I've taken recently of the problem happening:



    Please Check them out and let me know your thoughts.

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