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Recently, I have found that my contacts no longer have phone numbers associated with them. In my text messages, I am no longer viewing names of contacts, but their would-be phone numbers. Unfortunately, this means that the only phone numbers I have of my contacts are the phone numbers of the contacts that have texted me somewhat recently. Befuddled, I decided to restore my iPhone via a manual backup from a month ago on my computer. Upon finishing the restoration, my contacts were restored, and I thought that I had solved my problem. Five minutes later, however, there are again no phone numbers associated with my contacts :/


Randomly, there are contacts that do not have this issue. I do not understand why this is, or know if it is of any significance.


Is there some way I can get the numbers back? This is very frustrating.


Thanks for your time in advance

iPhone 4, iOS 6.1.2
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    This is only the 2nd report I've seen of this so far.  I suspect it may have something to do with facebook contact integration.


    If you have it turned on, try turning it off.

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    I just had the same issue crop up.  I turned facebook off and it's still the same.  Even my Favorites just show up as numbers.  All the contacts are still listed, but without numbers.  When I I tap "send message" to a contact, their phone number shows up ever so breifly before their name takes over, so it appears the numbers and names are linked up somewhere.


    Any help appreciated.



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    This just happened to me as well.  Did anyone figure out how to fix it?