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On start up my screen is white with vertical yellow stripes and stays like that. I've tried re-booting but no good.

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    Similar questions have come up in the last couple of weeks, different color stripes, some pink some blue, but the same kind of issue.  In each case it has turned out to be a failure in the graphics module.  Take your iMac to an Apple store genius bar and have the techs test to be sure what the problem is and decide what you want to do to resolve the problem.

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    Thankyou, yes it's booked in for the morning. Might be time for a new one she is a few years old now and this is the third visit to Genius Bar.


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    You are very welcome.


    I hate having to replace computers, get attached to them, but having the geniuses check this one out will save a lot of frustration.  A couple of these past discussions went on and on and on until the person gave in and did what you have done.  If it is hardware there just isn't anything on-line help can do about it.  Good luck tomorrow and if you have a chance, post the results...we are all fellow users on here and like to hear the resolution to problems.