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I would like to set-up a share foler to be accessed via web browers to allow a group of people working on a project the ability to upload and download files. It would require password access because it is a private group and support windows and mac computer browsers. What is the best service set-up within Snow Leopard Server to achieve this?





Xserve, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    basic steps

    Setup a website with the home folder set to the location of your files.

    The website should use SSL unless security is zero concern

    Enable WebDAV for the site

    Enable folder listings

    Add a realm (password protection) for the site, include users/groups that need access


    Users can access the site with a web browser to download files.

    To upload they would need to make a webdav connection (doesn't always work great, depends on several factors)



    You may want to consider Rumpus.. Its a web-based file manager.

    Simple setup. Very reliable. Works with any web browser.

    Look specifically at the Web File Manager features