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Two days ago my phone locked up and when I could access again, my contact list was only a few names and email addresses.  ALL phone numbers wiped from the phone.  I have been using google sync for three years to sync contact and calendar to gmail and then sync gmail to iphone, and it has been seemless.  I would think this was the problem, however the contacts and phone numbers that were added directly the phone are no longer on the phone either....which point to a phone problem.


I went home, to update but ended up having to "restore" from backup, which I did.  The contacts were visible for less than 24 hours, but then disappeared again the next day.  I have tried forums for google sync as that would solve a large amount of the contacts, but I still can't seem to find a solution for the other contacts added directly to the phone.


are there any new glitches/issues with the iOS 6 that cause this problem?

phone is 3GS.


iPhone 3GS, iOS 6.1.2
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    Do the numbers still exist in your google contacts?


    Google recently terminated support for new configurations of gmail using Exchange Active Sync for unpaid accounts. In theory, existing configurations will continue to work, but there have been some problem reports.


    I've seen several mentions of the problem you describe in the last few days and so far, they've gone unresolved as far as I can tell. The root cause may be in google's termination of AES support.


    Facebook contact sync may also be a suspect.

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    Thank you for sharing this information, it is the first answer that remotely seems to apply to my situation.  No the numbers do not exist in my google contacts either.


    Seems to be twofold problem

    1. exchange and gmail mail are no longer syncing

    2. contacts added directly to my phone have disappeared too


    It just all happened at once.