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Alan Van Ryzin1 Level 1 (5 points)

After being annoyed by the macbook mouse button being very "squishy" and unresponsive in certain areas, and sometimes not registering a click at all, I decided to take a closer look and I found a quick and simple way to fix the issue.. (this might not work for everyone, but it worked very well for me)

If you remove the battery, and inside the battery compartment you look at the metal part underneath the mouse button, you'll notice a small round pushed out part in the metal... if you push on this metal section a little bit you'll notice that the clicker responds differently and isn't as squishy. So what I found was if you take a tiny piece of paper and fold it a bunch of times so it is small enough to fit just over that round metal section, you can put it over the round section in the metal and put the battery back on and it will keep a constant pressure on the metal, thus making the "squishy" feel of the mouse button go away almost completely.

The trick is getting the right thickness of paper depending on how many time you fold it to fit it onto the circle metal part, if it is too think it can make the problem worse, and if its too thin, it wont push enough and wont help at all.

I hope this helps for anyone having the same problem with the mouse button, from day 1 my macbook has had this problem, and I was glad to find such a simple fix.

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  • Duffy Level 2 (315 points)
    Yeah, I posted a fix for this a few days ago. Instead of proping up the section with paper you can fix the problem by gently pressing the area until you slightly bend the metal. You won't be able to discern a deflection in the metal but the button will work much better.
  • kaidomac Level 1 (55 points)
    Got a link to that post & pics?
  • Duffy Level 2 (315 points)
    No pics but you can use the one Alan posted to get an idea.
  • kaidomac Level 1 (55 points)
    Thanks, created a Modification section:

    Hopefully someone will apply Arctic Silver 5 before I do and take pics so I can mix them in with the MacBook Pro thermal grease links

    btw how's that 7200rpm drive working out for you?
  • Duffy Level 2 (315 points)
    The drive is working great. I can't see any reason why someone would hesitate upgrading to a faster drive if they want that option.

    I took apart my MB the other day and replaced the heatsink compound with AS5. I didn't take any pics though. Sorry.
  • Alan Van Ryzin1 Level 1 (5 points)
    how is the battery life with the 7200? is it a lot shorter?
  • kaidomac Level 1 (55 points)
    Did the AS5 lower your temps? i.e. is it worth doing on the MacBook?
  • kaidomac Level 1 (55 points)
    From reports on 7200rpm 2.5" hard drives I've read, it's about 4 minutes shorter - nothing to get worried about.
  • Duffy Level 2 (315 points)
    Did the AS5 lower your temps? i.e. is it worth doing
    on the MacBook?

    I have two MBs (long story). The first one seemed to run quite a bit hotter than the second one. I even had some video corruption on one particular instance. I opened the machine and took a look around. The heat sink and heat sink compound didn't actually look that bad. After installing the AS5 the machine ran about 5-10 degrees C cooler and the mooing went away. My second MB is still stock and runs about the same temp as my modified MB. It doesn't moo either. So I think my first MB was a dud.

    Not that I think there was as difference but my first MB was a week 19 and the second MB was a week 20.
  • kaidomac Level 1 (55 points)
    What do you mean by "moo" ? And what are your temps on both machines? I want to know for comparison when I get my MacBook
  • Ronniebel Level 1 (85 points)
    I had the same problem, but I unchecked the "Ignore accidental track pad input" in the KeyBoard and Mouse Preference pane. Now it doesn't do that anymore.

    Try it. It worked for me.
  • roachsocal Level 1 (0 points)
    I just got a new black Macbook on Saturday and the squishy mouse button plagues me as well. At first, I thought the new Macbooks were just like that. But then my friend came over last night with his white Macbook and his button gives a nice, crisp, click. This is important physical feedback from the computer, telling you, "Hey, you clicked me." Otherwise, all mouse buttons would be like trackpads, flat and non-clickable.

    I am taking it to the Apple store tonight and getting the machine replaced...I'll let you know the outcome later tonight.
  • roachsocal Level 1 (0 points)
    Okay. Went to the Apple Store. Told the Genius Bar dude. He opened another Macbook, did a side-by-side comparison. Then walked me over the register with a brand new Macbook.

    Clearly this issue is known now...and they WILL replace the Macbook because of a non-clicking mouse button
  • GeeKay Level 4 (3,540 points)
    What do you mean by "moo" ?

    Huh? You don't know about the moo? Are you livin' in a barn or sumthin'

    Sorry, corny joke.

    Seriously--if you haven't heard about the moo, then check out the MacBook forums. Nearly every third or fourth post is about the mooing problem.

    My own MacBook moos, but it's not so bad that it makes me upset. I understand, though, that others have it much worse.

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