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I am a tech support person and teachers are asking me if we can have a students iPad run only one app at a time. For instance, a group of students in biology would be allowed to run only the app for their biology book.


Students have gotten so distracted during classtime with iMessage, web browsing, videos and games that it becomes virtually impossible to keep them on task in the classroom.


I am aware of adding profiles to the devices, but this profile would only be for the biology class. It would then have to be removed or deactivated upon leaving the class.

iPad 2, iOS 6.1.1
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    There is no way to do what you are seeking to do. You can restrict certain apps in the settings but not Messages.

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    You can restrict iPads running iOS 6 to a single app via Guided Access:




    but that requires reconfiguration of the iPads whenever you want to set it up or deactivate or change it. There may be a mobile device management (MDM) system that would allow you to push out such changes "on the fly" but I can't say with certainty. Someone else here or in the iPad in the Enterprise forum may know.


    Otherwise it may be necessary to implement an administrative solution such as banning use of iPads in class or enforcing consequences should a student be using the iPad for inappropriate functions.