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Hi there!


I have apps installed on my iPhone that say they're passbook enabled, however, if I launch passbook the only pass there is my Starbucks card. I have the Discover Card app, the Apple Store app and Fandango and all are up to date.


How do I add these Passbook enabled apps to Passbook?



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    Check out http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5483.  You can add more passes from the Discover and Fandango apps.

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    I'm paraphrasing the initial question from lakingsfn because my problem is similar and a service call to Applecare resulted in the support rep being stumped. He's checking with a superior and is supposed to call back or email me. I've been through the knowledge base here and I've searched the Community. I've found a number of potential solutions, but so far, none of them have proven fruitful.


    The Starbucks loaded its pass into Passbook with no intervention from me that I remember, but as lakingsfn stated, it's still the only pass I have. It works great because when I walk into a favorite Starbucks, the pass pops up on the lock screen. That's wonderful, but since Starbucks already has an app with a readable barcode for my Starbucks card. Passbook works as well, but as it exists, it's a bit redundant if I can't use it for travel on 'supported' carriers. 


    What am I missing? I'm not exactly an idiot, but even if I were, Apple products generally 'just work'. This app is just working me. I can't even delete it because it's part of the iOS load!


    Paraphrased question from lakinsfn follows:


    I have apps installed on my iPhone that say they're passbook enabled, however, if I launch passbook the only pass there is my Starbucks card. I have the Amtrak app, the Apple Store app, the Target app, the Belly app, Fandango app and all are up to date.


    How do I add these Passbook enabled apps to Passbook?



    I ran through all three of these methods without success (see my comments in bold):


    • Passbook-enabled apps: When you buy tickets, check in for a flight, or add a card through an iOS app, the app will offer or prompt you to add a pass to Passbook. To view a list of featured Passbook-enabled apps on your device, select the Welcome pass in Passbook and tap "Apps for Passbook". You can also click or tap this link to view the list in the iTunes Store: http://itunes.com/passbookapps. (YES, all of the apps I refer to are 'in there'.)


    Amtrak offered no Passbook info, despite that iTunes includes them as a compatible app. The e-ticket is a PDF attachment with a QR code.


    • Mail or Messages: Passes can be sent as attachments or links via email or Messages, and you can add them to Passbook by tapping or clicking on them. Example: An email confirming your flight could include your boarding pass as a Passbook-enabled attachment.


    The e-ticket attachment is a PDF file, but I found no way to have Passbook 'read' it.


    • Web browser: Websites or webmail can also include passes as attachments or links. You can click or tap these links to add them to Passbook

    Note: The merchant must create a Passbook-enabled pass or iOS app for the card, ticket, or service to work with Passbook. If you don't see the option to add a card, ticket, or other service to Passbook, contact the merchant to verify they support Passbook passes.

    The e-ticket attachment is a PDF file, but I found no way to have Passbook 'read' it. The 'merchant' is listed as Passbook-enabled, but I have found no way to have my e-tickets (or anything else from Amtrak) associated with the Passbook app.

    I have found no way to include any link from the other 'passbook-enabled' apps to Passbook, either. Starbucks...that's it and it works flawlessly.


    My system (all Apple, with the exception of the broadband MODEM):

    • iPhone 5 - 32 GB RAM(iOS 6.1.3)
    • iPhone 4s - 16 GB RAM(iOS 6.1.3)
    • iPhone 4 - 16 GB RAM (used on WiFi only as an iPhonePod) (iOS 6.x)
    • iPhone 3G - 16 GB RAM(used on WiFi only as an iPhonePod) (iOS 6.x)
    • iPad 2 - 32MB RAM (iOS 6.1.3)
    • iPad Mini - 32MB RAM (iOS 6.1.3)
    • iPod 1st Gen - 8 GB RAM (iOS 3.x)
    • Mac Mini i7 2.6 GHz w/8 GB RAM, 1TB HD (Mountain Lion OS/X 10.8.3).
    • MacBook Pro i5 w/4 GB RAM (Mountain Lion OS/X 10.8.3)
    • MacBook Pro Core2 Duo w/4 GB RAM (Mountain Lion OS/X 10.8.3)
    • Airport Extreme Simultaneous Dual-band (latest firmware)
    • Airport Express Simultaneous Dual-band (linked to Airport Extreme with gigbit Ethernet) (latest firmware)
    • Apple TV 3 (Black) (latest version)
    • ComCast 50 Mb/s broadband (Motorola DOCSIS 3.0 Cable MODEM) measured 54 Mb/s download, 11.3 Mb/s upload
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    After a second call to iPhone Support (The first person I spoke to admittedly knew almost nothing about Passbook, but failed to document the call or escalate the problem as planned. I paid for the extended warranty and phone support for my iPhone. My complaint about that is entered.), the support analyst I spoke to today helped me figure out that with three different Passbook enabled iPhone apps, I had three different unrelated issues:


    1. For the Amtrak app, the documentation was essentially wrong, more like incomplete, because it referred to opening the e-tickets and then pressing a button to add the ticket to Passbook. In reality, that instruction leaves out a critical step: Selecting the "Share" button and THAT produces an option button to add the ticket to Passbook. Bad documentation and UI on the part of Amtrak.


    2. For the Belly app (a customer loyalty app used in a lot of Chicago restaurants and other retail), there is a button to 'Add to Passbook', but selecting it does nothing, so that appears to be a bug. I'll email Belly support.


    3. For the Target app, only the coupons are Passbook enabled (makes sense), but I don't currently have any coupons. Probably nothing wrong there, just their way.


    After 3 of 4 apps (Starbucks has all their customers' genomes mapped and have a neural connection. Doesn't count.) failed to live up to my expectations, I incorrectly concluded that the common element was Passbook. Nope.


    I'm satisfied I have this now.

    I'm calling this one busted!

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    Amtrak takes several steps. Go "my trips" put in info, then go the to the actual ticket which is next screen. Then share/mail icon; it will ask if you want passbook. Yes. Now you finally have a ticket. But you must click "add" to get it in the book.


    Way too many steps!

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    For the Belly app, you can only add it to passbook with individual vendors. If there are places you go to frequently that are on Belly, you can select their restaurant on the app, and then select "Add to Passbook". It then shows in your passbook.


    I haven't had any luck getting Discover to add to Passbook, but the AmEx app works well. You have to go to amexpassbook.com, and add it from there though.


    The Dunkin Donuts app works great too, but you have to go to the store to pick up a card.