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How do you connect the inside fax to a phone line

There is no phone connector anymore in the  13" macBook pro.

What device is good at that ?



MacBook, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    What do you mean with inside Fax ?

    There is no fax modem inside of Macs, at least in this century.

    You need to buy a land fax modem compatible with Macs or load a software which can convert your text to fax and send them throught the DSL or cellular connection.

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    It's a funny century, because when I create a new printer and choose the fax option, I was presented an

    LG CX265T. That is why I tought that there was a modem inside the MBP ( as in my old days 198x up to 20xx !!!)

    The worst thing is that I don't have any LG Phone, Only an Iphone 3Gs. This is a bit clumsy !


    Thanks anyway, you solve my question.

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    Thanks for the points Patro. And thanks for the explanation which let me learn something new too !!!

    I followed you way, selected a new printer and fax.  I was presented an E65, an old Nokia phone which I probably connected a long time ago to this MBP to get internet connection, may be BT or WiFi (the E65 has both).

    No idea why the MBP still remember this and if it could send a Fax trought this phone if connected.

    Hope some friend here could clear our doubts