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I just scanned a bunch of old photos of my husband's family on my Epson Artisan 725 scanner.  The scans were saved as jpg's.  I imported them into iPhoto by dragging and dropping.  Some of them came out great, others showed up on the iPhoto thumbnails as pitch black squares.  When I click on one of the black squares, the photo I imported does appear,  but mixed in with it in the background is the image of my iPhoto thumbnail page.  You can see the the squares of the thumbnails.  In the picture you below, you can see that the background is my iPhoto page showing some of the regular images as well as some of the black squares.    I sent the photo to my husband by the iPhoto email/Mail, and it came out beautifully.  So is something wrong with my monitor or with my iPhoto??


bad scan to iPhoto.png

iPhoto '08, iOS 5.1.1
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    What system and iPhoto versions are you running? 


    Launch iPhoto with the Command + Option keys held down and select the option to reuild the thumbnails.  It could take 2-4 run. 


    For iPhoto 8 (09) and earlier:


    For iPhoto 9 (11) and later:




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    Old Toad, thank you!  It did take a long time, but who cares--it worked! I saved all of my iPhoto library on an external drive beforehand, just in case, which is uncharacteristic.... So now I'm inspired to do a better job on all of my backups.  Again, thanks for your speedy and effective solution.