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I have enabled the LDAP plugin in Joomla and have had success authenticating users against our 10.8 server directory.  It will authenticate all LDAP users provided they have an email address in the directory.  I have multiple groups in our LDAP and it is my hope that I would be able to restrict authentication in Joomla  based on group membership (ex. Faculty can authenticate, Students can't).  I have tried multiple settings with no luck.


Is there anyone out there with a suggestion on how to configure the Base DN, and Search String with the Joomla LDAP plugin to accomplish this?



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    Use jMapMyLDAP plugins and this config works perfectly:

    LDAP V3Yes
    Host[DNS/IP Address to LDAP Server]
    Connect UserLeave blank unless anonymous binding is switched off
    Connect PasswordLeave blank unless anonymous binding is switched off
    Use SearchYes
    Base DN[Base of your directory such as dc=company,dc=com]
    User DN / Filter(uid=[username])
    Map User IDuid
    Map Full Namecn
    Map Emailmail

    The following table shows an example group mapping configuration:

    Use Group MappingYes
    Allow AdditionsYes
    Allow RemovalsYes & Default Managed
    Mapping List[The groups to map such as cn=teachers:4]
    Lookup TypeReverse
    Lookup AttributememberUid
    Lookup Memberuid
    Use RecursionNo
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    the idea would be to have the group that they authenticate against not have any access