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One day after watching a DVD movie on my laptop it froze and so I had to shut it down by holding the power button so I could eject the disc. Problem is now the laptop never finishes booting up to the login screen. Instead I get the standard startup sound/gray Apple logo+swirling loading and then the blue screen. After a minute or so the cursor will pinwheel, but nothing more. I have reset the PRAM, tried safe booting, and verbose booting to see if it changes anything but to no avail. I really love my iBook and miss the several days' worth of songs and years of photos and videos I have on it. What can I do to bring my Mac back?




iBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Try the instructions in this article. Alternatively, connect it to another Mac with a FireWire cable, start it up with the T key held down, and copy the files off.



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    I was thinking that may be my only recourse. Even in its current state will the other Mac recognize it?

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    It'll see the hard drive and hopefully your files. If it gets beyond a blinking question mark, it's seeing the hard drive.


    You may need to use the Disk Utility's Repair Disk command on it.



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    It gets past that no problem never a question mark, which I know is a sign of a bad HD. This is why its a puzzle. All looks well in verbose boot too, it just never gets to the login screen after doing all the usual screens. Instead of seeing the blue screen for a moment before the login screen comes up, I see the blue screen and nothing further, save for the cursor becoming a pinwheel after a minute or so.