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I entered a calendar event on iCloud using my PC.  The event is displayed an hour later on my iPhone. i.e (iCloud) Flight; 2:15pm --> (iPhone) Flight; 3:15pm.


The Time Zone setting is correct (Eastern Daylight Savings) on both the PC and iCloud.


I have had a similar issue when syncing calendar between Yahoo and iPhone.


Any similar experiences? Can this be fixed?



iPhone 4, iOS 6.0.1
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    Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars then under Calendars is Time Zone Support ON or OFF?  If it is on it changes the times listed according to the time zone.

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    I re-checked the iCloud timezone settings and found that it was set to "Eastern Standard Time" not Daylight savings time. Odd. I clicked on the map again and it changed to "Eastern Time".  I tried again and it seems to be working.  I am assuming that the "Eastern Time" timezone adjusts automatically.


    I haven't figured out the issue with Yahoo calendar yet. Any suggestions?


    I also followed up with Ralph Landry1's suggestion and Time Zone support is set to off. Thanks for the heads up.


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    I learned the Time Zone Support angle on a trip when I was trying to figure out why the calendar flight times did not match the itinerary from the airline...you have to keep in mind the times on the itinerary are local, and if you enter them as is, when you turn on Time Zone Support they will shift according to your location...only way to handle that if you use TZS is enter the times in your calendar corected for your home base so they then correct to the itinerary time.  Can get confusing, keep the itinerary handy