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Hi all,


I'm getting a little frustrated and would really appreciate some help. I've tried to find assistance online and I just seem to get more and more confused the more I read.


I purchased a new iPhone 4S about a year ago. I also have an iPod classic that I have had for a number of years. I wish to sync both devices to my new computer.


Both devices are currently linked to my old computer - it's an old piece of junk with a very small hard drive. There is pretty much zero space free on the old computer (after deleting everything unnecessary I can find on it) so I don't think that I can sync my new iPhone to it any more as there won't be enough space to back up all the apps/photos that have been added to my phone since. Therefore I haven't synced my phone in pretty much a year - that is starting to worry me in case I lose it.


I'm wondering is there any way of syncing my iPhone to my new computer without first having to sync it to the old one? I have an external hard drive with plenty of storage space to copy everything over, but from what I can gather online, the only way to do that is to consolidate everything which will create a copy of everything and double it in size - and there is clearly no space to do that. (I have sorted my music files manually on the D: so far, while iTunes is on the C:)


I don't mind having to start from scratch with the iPod if necessary but the main things I'm concerned about losing on my phone are my contacts, messages, and the data within my apps. I have backed up all my photos manually from the phone. There are a LOT of photos, but for the life of me I can't seem to find where iTunes has stored them on my old computer - otherwise maybe I could delete them to save some space? But also not sure if that would cause problems when trying to sync my phone.


Someone told me I can pretty much plug my new iPhone into the new computer and it should just copy everything over onto the new computer - but I'm not sure that I trust that (particularly when I haven't backed it up first). And someone else told me that I would lose a lot of stuff doing it that way.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

iPhone 4S
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    This should help: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1296


    You definitely do not want to just connect to a new computer.  It will wipe all you music.  You must have your media on your new computer first.  Before connecting your phone, open iTunes and go to Preferences.  Make sure you uncheck the box that says to sync automatically when the phone is connected.  Sync is something you want to be in charge of, especially the first time on a new computer.