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I sent someone an email from my iphone using my hotmail account and even though I didn't give them my cellphone number they responded by text to my cellphone. Does this mean they were able to "havk" my cellphone number? I am super freaked out!


Any idea how they did this and how I can prevent this from EVER happening again?

iPhone 4
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    The email would not have contained your cell phone number unless you specifically put it IN the email. Otherwise, they would have had to find out your phone number from some other source.


    They MIGHT have used your email to contact you via iMessage, if you were using that email as your Apple ID. You can turn off iMessage in Settings > Messages.

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    Thank you.  It doesn't look like an imessage because it is in green bubbles not blue like my imessages always use.  Moreover, when I reply to it - it says sms not "imessage".


    I am still weirded out by the whole experience and not sure what happened or how they were able to text my cellphone from an email.


    Might us my computer in the future when dealing with "strangers".  At least it will help protect my privacy. 


    I do indeed use that email as my apple ID so you were smart to show me how to turn that off.  Thank you

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    I can assure you that unless you specifically wrote your phone number in the email they would have had to find it elsewhere.

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    Thank you. I feel much better about the whole situation now and I learned new things about imessages and settings.