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I can only play one video from my Windows 8 x64 machine with iTunes homesharing to my Apple TV and then when i try to play the next video i get the loading sign forever.  The only way to fix it is to go to the other room and close iTunes and reopen it.  Then i can play one more video but its just one at a time.  After the video finished playing i can still navigate the shared library from the Windows machine and the thumbnails appear but if i try to play anything it just sits on the loading screen until i restart iTunes.


I have tried different routers a Dlink n750 2.4ghz and 5ghz network and a Belkin G network as well as different multicast settings and checking for interference.  I have loaded my entire itunes library onto a different PC, a laptop with windows 8 x64 and get the same issue, I deleted itunes and reinstalled it and re-added all my music and video files, still after that getting the same issue.  I re-formatted the Apple TV box, still same issues.  I gave everything a static IP address.  I set the Apple TV to never sleep as some of the forums sugested.  Ive turned off my firewalls and played with them.


Im at the point now where i think ive tried everything over the past few weeks and its not my issue, Its a problem with Apple TV or itunes.  Any other sugestions?

Apple TV, Windows 7, windows 8, iphone 5, ipad 3
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    I would love to help but I've been having the same trouble for about a year and I'm using window 7 64bit I've put in apple routers and spent loads of time at the apple store talking it though but I have no idea how to do it

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    I am having the same problem which is very annoying

    I have spent days trying to solve that issue

    My new ATV  will play one song from Home Sharing and then drops trying endlessly to buffer the next

    song UNTIL I restart Itunes again (laptop runnig windows 7 with itunes 11.0.2.something)

    I almost tried all suggested workarounds  but none helped.

    Very frustrating.


    router ,fixed ip, multicast filtering, lan ethernet connection, direct  - NOTHING!




    I have ny daughter  PC runnug windiws XP with Itunes 11.0.1 or so

    and ATV PLAYING all her HOME SHARING library smoothly without even one drop!


    Also I want to add when my main Home sharing laptop disappears from my ATV after playing one song

    also my iphone will loose its connection (the REMOTE applicaiotn).


    Dont know what to do



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    I'm nearly 100% convinced my problem IS my windows firewall. Turned it off for private networks, restarted iTunes, I don't really need the firewall as only my pc's are on the network and I use MAC address filtering and a wifi password key so other devices can't connect. With windows firewall off it works nearly all the time.

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    Also starting to think this has something to do with the war between Apple and Microsoft. Microsoft tweaked its firewall to stuff up Apple TV, in preperation for the new Xbox so that thier media streaming to the Xbox Media Centre will pull some Apple TV users that are fed up.

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    I have ATV3 and Windows Vista.  I just fixed it by opening TCP Port 3689 and UDP Port 5353.  i selected subnet only.  Now i can switch between movies and music and back again. 


    I found the information at http://support.apple.com/kb/ts2972


    My problem was i could watch one movie. after trying to switch to another movie ATV would just hang loading it. Upon itunes restart, I could select one movie again.  Then lock up.


    This seems to work for me.  I just went through about 5 movies. Started them. Stopped them.  Then selected another movie.  i was able to select and start the next movie each time. 


    I hope this may help. I spent a lot of times searching for "freezing" and such.  So, thanks for your post. It got me on the right track.

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    Ok good,  the article says open TCP ports 123 and 3689 as well as UDP ports 123 and 5353 in my firewall.  I'll try it. Better than having it switched off all together i guess.

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    Hi ,


    I had this same annoying issue ever since I bought the ATV3.

    home sharing on my 32 bit windows 7 pc lost contact after

    playing one song (tunes 11.0.2)

    While in the same time home sharing on my daughter PC plated continueously (itunes 11.0.1 Windows XP)


    After a thorough search on the net and inside APPLE forums the issue

    was resolved at least for my case.


    Both two Apple bonjour services were configured PUBLIC in my windows firewall inbound connection!

    Why dont ask me...

    the moment I reconfigured them PRIVATE and restarted itunes I WAS ABLE TO PLAY


    of course without a single **** drop out!


    hope I have been a help to someone with same problem



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    I had tried everything in Windows 8 to solve this problem before I found this thread. Opening the firewall and finding Bonjour services and making all four instance had private boxes checked worked for me as well.


    I had 4 instances of Bonjour running. 2 for UDP and 2 for FTP. I am guessing that the extra two are from trying to reinstall iTunes or another of the many things I tried. The rules seem to be duplicates.


    Thank you!