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I can only play one video from my Windows 8 x64 machine with iTunes homesharing to my Apple TV and then when i try to play the next video i get the loading sign forever.  The only way to fix it is to go to the other room and close iTunes and reopen it.  Then i can play one more video but its just one at a time.  After the video finished playing i can still navigate the shared library from the Windows machine and the thumbnails appear but if i try to play anything it just sits on the loading screen until i restart iTunes.


I have tried different routers a Dlink n750 2.4ghz and 5ghz network and a Belkin G network as well as different multicast settings and checking for interference.  I have loaded my entire itunes library onto a different PC, a laptop with windows 8 x64 and get the same issue, I deleted itunes and reinstalled it and re-added all my music and video files, still after that getting the same issue.  I re-formatted the Apple TV box, still same issues.  I gave everything a static IP address.  I set the Apple TV to never sleep as some of the forums sugested.  Ive turned off my firewalls and played with them.


Im at the point now where i think ive tried everything over the past few weeks and its not my issue, Its a problem with Apple TV or itunes.  Any other sugestions?

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