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This is what happened.


  1. I used clean my mac for a general cleanup of my mbp, which went fine.
  2. But later I noticed that the Launchpad icon is replaced with a question mark!
  3. The Launchpad.app itself seems to be missing, usually which should be found in 'applications folder'
  4. Resetting the dock through terminal isnt working


How can I recover the lost app? and reset the launchpad? I also don't have a backup in time machine !!

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
  • Aleksdev Level 1 Level 1 (55 points)

    Just reinstall OS X.


    It's very simple back eveerything up with time machine to an external hard drive first.



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    Cleaning up <sigh>. Macs don't need to be "cleaned". First delete that third party utility and make sure you  delete all associated files. Use the uninstaller that came with it, or go to their site to find where all the files are located.


    Then try re-installing the 10.8.3 Combo update.


    If that doesn't work boot into Recovery Mode and re-install OS X


    Boot up holding command-r keys into your Recovery Volume.

    The screen should give you these choices...


    Restore from TM backup

    Reinstall Mac OS X

    Get help online

    Disk Utility


    First run Disk Utility Repair Disk, if you get errors run until no errors reported or reports "the disk cannot be fixed". Then, choose Reinstall OS X. This will be an install "in place" and shouldn't effect any of your own data or settings.